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Free Residential/Commercial Roof InspectionsResidential Roof Reports Start @ $195 + Tax
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Start @ $295 + Tax

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Commercial & Residential Roofs

?? Why a Roof Inspection is Needed??

Did you know?:

Your Roofing Manufacturer’s Warranty is Voided without Yearly Documented Roof Inspections and Adequate Roof Ventilation.

Getting professional advice is just the beginning of what Roof Inspector NM is about, when it comes to our roof inspections; we inspect rooftops and materials to assess damage, structural integrity, and code compliance. We can also offer recommendations on what roofing materials to use or what contractor is best suited for your particular situation or needs, you’ll always know that you’re in good hands with Roof Inspector NM.

From what materials to use, proper roof ventilation and to managing your insurance claim, Roof Inspector NM, keeps the lines of communications open and is ready for you to have the transparency and support you deserve.

When it comes to one the most important investments in your life, your property, you need the confidence, experience and a proven track record that Roof Inspector NM can provide to you and you’ll know you have your Advocate through the entire process. We have been inspecting roofs since 2014.

Take the time to call or request a roof inspection, roof repair or roof replacement by New Mexico’s Certified Roof Expert and Property Owner Advocate, to make this experience the best in the business.

I look forward to being of service.

Kind regards, Tom Newkirk
Owner/Roof Inspector NM

is the

“The Property Owner Advocate!”


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