Why Use RINM

RINM is New Mexico's Certified
Commercial & Residential Roof Inspector. 

Above all else,

"The Property Owner Advocate."


Independent from Others and Your Insurance Company

Our service provides you with a professional that is on your team, representing you, the Property Owner Advocate, your own Certified Roof Inspector that represents you, the Property Owner. Being represented by a Certified Residential & Commercial Roof Inspector, you'll know that our assessments are correct, verifiable and can be judged against any in the Insurance or Roofing industry and standards of excellence. If you had to go to court with your insurance carrier, would you go without Representation or an Advocate to represent you and your interests?


It all begins with a Phone Call or Inspection Request

​RINM has performed our Certified Roof Inspection Service for Prospective Home Buyers, Realtors, Property Owners (Commercial & Residential), Homeowners Associations, Property Management Companies, Home Builders, Roofing Contractors and Insurance Companies, all to their satisfaction.

Most have used our services when hailstorms or heavy winds have damaged their neighborhoods. Throughout the insurance and roofing industry our reputation is well known as not only being very knowledgeable, fair and helpful, but also tough, strict and detail oriented. We have been told by Insurance Adjusters that they may have not paid for the roof, if Roof Inspector NM had not been there.

Our roof inspections are performed with consistency and we treat every roof the same no matter who roofed it. The citizens of the State of New Mexico where we have performed our Roof Inspection Service have been very appreciative of our thoroughness in making sure the roofs have been inspected correctly.

Many have thanked us personally and several have written letters to their respective building departments stating their satisfaction for giving them the Peace of Mind of knowing their roofs have been properly inspected.

RINM has expertise in all types of Steep-Roofing and Flat Roof products; including asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, Pro-Panel, Concrete Tile, new alternative roofing materials and all flat roofing materials including, Modified Bitumen, EPDM, TPO and PVC roofs.

With 1,200+ inspections all across New Mexico, Roof Inspector NM really knows the business.

RINM has the knowledge, experience, reputation, certification and the desire to solve your roofing problems.